Toshiba VFnC3S-2004PL 1 phase frequency inverter 230 VAC, 0.4 kW

Toshiba VF-nC3 frequency converters are suitable for AC motors from 0.2 kW to 2.2 kW in the 200-240 volt class (1 phase supply).
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The VF-nC3 series includes the smallest frequency inverter series from Toshiba and is also called the nano inverter. Despite its small size, it has mature functionality and excellent performance. The VFnC3 is often used in lighter applications and places where format and EMC play an important role. Due to the extensive functionality and communication options, it is smart enough to also realize the more intelligent applications, which often saves a lot of money on PLC equipment and wiring.


Global design
Applicable worldwide
- UL, CSA, GOST and CE
- Suitable for NPN and PNP logic

Simple and compact installation
- "Side by Side" Installation which can save huge amounts of cupboard space
- Vertically mounted and recessed power terminals
- EMC filter built in
- Communication port built-in

EMI noise filter built in
- CE EMC class C1 filter suitable for "domestic use"

High performance (Sensorless vector control)
- High starting torque and optimal engine control
- Different control characteristics adjustable
- PID control

- Rotary Dial for extremely fast operation on the front
- Parameter Writer with Blue Tooth
- WIZARD and Memory functions
- EASY key for quick setting of basic parameters
- Simple software for programming and monitoring

VF-nC3 Line-up
- Single phase, 200V class 0.1 to 2.2kW with EMC filter class C1

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