Toshiba VFS15-4015PL-W1 3 phase frequency inverter 380 VAC, 1.5 kW

Toshiba VFS15 frequency converters are suitable for AC motors from 0.2 kW to 15 kW (Dual rating up to 18.5 kW) in 1 phase (200-240 VAC) and 3 phase (380-500 VAC) versions.
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Brochure VF-S15
Manual VF-S15
Safety STO manual VF-S15
Dutch quick start VF-S15
Parameter list VF-S15
ASD-Pro configuration software
Overview brochure
Website Toshiba Inverter

Global design

- Applicable worldwide
- UL, CSA and CE
- Suitable for NPN and PNP logic
- Safety STO function

Simple and compact installation
- "Side by Side" Installation which can save huge amounts of cupboard space
- Vertically mounted and recessed power terminals
- EMC filter built in
- Communication port built in
- Internal or external communication options for Modbus, CANopen, Profibus, Devicenet, Ethernet / IP, EtherCat, Modbus / TCP
Input voltage: 500V + 10% for 400V unit
- Up to 60 ° C ambient temperature

EMI filter built in
- CE EMC class A filter
- Optional class B foot filter or special filter for medical applications

High performance (Sensorless vector control)
- High starting torque and optimal engine control
- Special functions for braking, skidding, hoisting, PID control etc.
- Different control characteristics adjustable
- Energy saving features

- Rotary knob for menu selection and / or programming on the front
- WIZARD functions
- Simple software for programming and monitoring

VFS15 Line-up
- Single phase, 200-240 V class 0.2 to 2.2 kW with EMC filter class A.
Models: VFS15S-2004PL-W1, VFS15S-2007PL-W1, VFS15S-2015PL-W1, VFS15S-2022PL-W1

- Three phase, 200-240 V class 0.2 to 15 kW with EMC filter class A.
Models: VFS15-2004PM-W, VFS15-2007PM-W, VFS15S-2015PM-W, VFS15-2022PM-W
VFS15-2037PM-W, VFS15-2055PM-W, VFS15-2075PM-W, VFS15-2110PM-W, VFS15-2150PM-W

- Three phase 380-500 V class 0.2 to 15 kW with EMC filter class A.
Models: VFS15-4004PL-W1, VFS15-4007PL-W1, VFS15S-4015PL-W1, VFS15-4022PL-W1
VFS15-4037PL-W1, VFS15-4055PL-W1, VFS15-4075PL-W1, VFS15-4110PL-W1, VFS15-4150PL-W1

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