1 General

1.1 When is Duranmatic (telephone) reached?
Monday / Friday from 08.30 to 17.00.

1.2 On which days Duranmatic closed in 2014/2015?
Duranmatic is closed on the following days in 2014/2015: 


- Friday, December 5 (from 16:00) Sinterklaas 
- Thursday, 25 and Friday, December 26th, 1st and 2nd Day 
- Wednesday December 31, New Year's Afternoon 


- Thursday January 1, New Year's Day 
- Friday, April 3, Good Friday 
- Monday, April 6, 2nd Easter 
- Monday, April 27, King's 
- Thursday, 14 and Friday, May 15, Ascension 
- Monday 25 May, 2nd Whitsun 
- Friday 25 December, 1st Christmas Day 
- Thursday, December 31, New Year's Afternoon 

1.3 How do I get Duranmatic?
The directions from Duranmatic can here find.

3 Technical Support

3.1 How can I get technical support?
Support for Industrial Division: 
Tel: 078-6531870 
Mail: [email protected] 
Web: Support 

Support for Auto ID and POS Division: 
Tel: 078-6531862 
Mail: [email protected] 
Web: Support

3.2 Where can I find the service and warranty conditions?
Each manufacturer has its own service and warranty conditions. Unfortunately it is not possible to state this information on our website as this varies by brand and product. We ask you to contact our Support department via 078 - 6531864. One of our staff will help you further.

3.3 What should I do when a repair or return?
Please see the information on the website: Repairs & Online RMA

3.4 Where can I find manuals, software and drivers?
For a number of products can be downloaded from the product page. 
For other products, you can request this by phone or mail.