Repairs & Returns - RMA

Duranmatic has its own Service & Support department. You can contact us with your technical questions, and when a product bought with Duranmatic, or one of our distributors, is defective. All of our suppliers have their own warranty period and conditions under which any defects will be repaired  free of charge.

The warranty period starts at the moment of delivery (invoice date). Outside this warranty period we will also repair your unit fast, professional and at minimum cost to you.


To handle your repair order or return order as smoothly and efficiently as possible we have set up a RMA procedure. You can submit your application with the web form on this page to return a product you, purchased at Duranmatic. 

When you have completed this web form and pressed send you a receipt. 

In the case of a repair order you will receive a confirmation email within one business day with a Service Order (Soxx-yyyy) 

In the case of a return order your request is first reviewed by the Sales department which will respond to you within two business days. We will only accept a product to be returned in new condition and complete in its original packaging. If it is agreed upon you will receive a Return Sales Order (VROxx-yyyy) 

You should print the return order or service order and add to the item you want to send. You send the article to Robijn 800 in Dordrecht attention to the Service Department. You could also use the enclosed address label for that purpase. When the article is not returned to us within two weeks we remove the RMA request.

Note: If you are using an older browser or for some other reason can not fill out our web form you can download a Word or PDF version below and send it to:

For repair requests to [email protected]: 
RMA form in Word 
RMA form in PDF 

Request for Return order to [email protected]
RMA form in Word 
RMA form in PDF 

Repair handling within warranty period 
Our suppliers have their own warranty period and conditions under which any defects free of charge will be repaired by us. If the inspection reveals that the product is not defective, and the product functions according to the manufacturer's specifications, research costs and transport costs are invoiced.

Repair out of warranty handling 
For repairs outside the warranty period we will make you a quote when you ask forr that on the web-form. When a product has defects caused by misuse or because it is exposed to conditions for which the product is not suitable (for example, dameges because of dropping the unit or caused by moisture), you will receive a quotation. If you does not agree upon to the quotation, examination fee will be charged when we should return the product to you. When you allow us to destroy the unit we will charge no fee.

Defective, immediately after delivery (DOA) 
We assume that you check the product immediately after delivery for completeness and functionallity. When a product is incomplete or defective, you need to notify us within a week so that we can complete then unit or exchange it. If this is reported to us after a week, this will be treated as a repair.

How do you send the article?

  • Use the online form to request an RMA and wait for the confirmation email with the return order or service order.
  • Print the Return order or service order in the attachment.
  • Send the article bearing the printed service order or return in order to Service and Support department of Duranmatic. Address: Robijn 800 3316KE Dordrecht. You could also print the address label for this.
  • You will receive a confirmation by email when your repair has arrived at Duranmatic. 
  • In case of a return order, you will receive a credit note when the item is checked.
  • It is very important that all the relevant documents and components, such as, for example, the power supply or the remote control, have been added in the retourn shipment.
  • Products can only be returned at the risk of the applicant and must always be properly packaged in its original packaging which is put in a sturdy carton with proper filling material. Duranmatic is in no way responsible and liable for damage and / or loss during transport to Duranmatic. We will not accept damaged boxes of the carrier.
  • It may be necessary to reset the product or to initialize the unit for a good repair. You will therefore need to take care of backing up your data before you send the unit over to us.
  • Repairs and Returns are always based on carry-in. The cost of shipping to Duranmatic are therefore charged to the applicant. The transportation costs for shipping to you are at cost for Duranmatic.