Anybus ABC4012 communicator gateway Ethernet/IP - EtherCAT

Connect your Ethernet/IP network to EtherCAT via the new generation Universal Anybus Communicator ABC4012. This gateway performs intelligent protocol conversion and provides the ethernet/IP data to the EtherCAT Master.
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Information ABC4012 communicator

Anybus Communicator general:

Anybus Communicators are designed to ensure reliable, secure and fast data transfer between various industrial Ethernet and fieldbus networks. Very easy to install and deploy, they enable transparent data exchange between PLCs, enabling you to bridge and integrate legacy equipment into modern high-performance networks with minimal software changes.


Communicator advantages:
Proven and trusted intelligent gateways of unparalleled flexibility and functionality
Once a configuration is complete, it can be reused for other industrial networks
Flexible software method for almost any Request / Response / Produce / Consume protocol
No hardware or software changes are required for the connected equipment
Available for all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks
Compatible with all leading PLCs from manufacturers such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider etc...
Full protocol conversion performed by the Communicator, no need for extensive PLC function blocks
"Anybus Configuration Manager" software included for free
Global free technical support and consultancy
3 year product warranty from the date of shipment

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