Anybus Communicator CAN Ethernet/IP adapter AB7318

Connect your CAN device to an Ethernet/IP network with the Anybus Communicator. The Communicator provides an intelligent conversion between the CAN protocol and the chosen industrial fieldbus network.
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Connect equipment with CAN interface to fieldbuses.

Connect your CAN devices to all major fieldbus or industrial Ethernet networks with the Anybus Communicator. The Communicator is for an intelligent conversion between the CAN protocol and the chosen industrial fieldbus network.

For industrial devices with a CAN 2.0A or 2.0B port, HMS makes it possible to convert almost any Produce / Consume, Request / Response protocol with the flexible CAN gateways. No own configuration software required. All necessary configuration is performed using the Anybus Configuration Manager, which is supplied with the gateway.

The Anybus CAN Communicator has been developed to exchange data between a subnetwork, CAN, and a higher level network (fieldbus / Ethernet).

By configuring the CAN frames, the Communicator will adapt to a predefined CAN network. It is possible to send and receive data from the subnetwork, as well as to act as a relay for data over the CAN subnetwork.

Dual port Ethernet switch technology
For most Ethernet versions of the Communicator CAN, HMS has incorporated dual-port switch technology that allows daisy-chaining and eliminates the need for external switches.

Communicator ADVANTAGES
Proven and trusted intelligent gateways with unparalleled flexibility and functionality
Graphical CAN programming for a CAN request / response or Produce / Consume protocol
No hardware or software changes required for the device to be connected
Available for all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks
Dual Port switched Ethernet enables daisy chaining with all Ethernet interfaces
Compatible with all leading PLCs from manufacturers such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider etc.
Protocol conversion completely performed by the Communicator, no PLC function blocks required
Supports multiple CAN devices with up to 128 transactions with 256 customizable CAN frames
"Anybus Configuration Manager" software
Free technical support and consultancy
3 years product warranty from the date of shipment
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