EWON Flexy FLX3402 digital I / O expansion card

The Flexy FLX3402 digital I/O expansion card gives an additional flexy basic module 8DI, 4AI and 2DO outputs with which the Flexy can be adapted even more to your specific needs.
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The eWON Flexy is a modular industrial M2M router with data logging functionality. It has:

- Flexible WAN connection, for various Internet connectivity technologies such as Ethernet, Wifi, 3G, LTE, ...

- Flexible field connection, with which a connection can easily be made with a wide range of external devices, including various fieldbus protocols.

- Flexible configuration, scripting, alarms, web server, data logging, remote access, routing and web HMI applications.

The Flexy configuration consists of a basic model and several expansion cards of your choice.

Basic models Router LAN port Serial ports MPI Profibus Data logging
Flexy10100_00MA   4 x     Yes
Flexy10200_00MA   1 x Yes   Yes
Flexy10300_00MA   1 x   Yes Yes
Flexy20100_00MA Yes 4 x     Yes
Flexy20200_00MA Yes 1 x Yes   Yes
Flexy20300_00MA Yes 1 x   Yes Yes

The eWON Flexy is fully compatible with the Talk2M cloud connectivity services (www.talk2M.com) and with the eFIVE (VPN server device) for real-time monitoring applications.

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