EWON Netbiter EC310, remote monitoring and / or access via fixed internet

Netbiter EasyConnect EC310 belongs to the generation of gateways that automatically connect between your industrial field equipment, via the Netbiter Argos data center, and your PC.
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The eWON Netbiter EC310 belongs to the new generation of Netbiter gateways. It is connected to industrial machines via Modbus (serial or TCP / IP), Ethernet, SNMP, or digital I / O and sends data to the cloud-based Netbiter Argos ™ data center via the internet.

Most important features

Suitable for "Remote Access" functions via the cloud-based Netbiter Argos ™ website.

Two completely separate Ethernet interfaces (WAN and LAN) enable secure communication to the installation in the field.

Analog and digital signals and sensors can be connected directly to the Netbiter gateway.

Remote access - Remote Machine and PLC configuration
The eWON Netbiter EC310 supports the "Remote Access" functionality. This means that users can open a secure connection to remotely configure or operate machines from any location using standard software. Remote access offers a secure VPN data tunnel to the remote equipment.
For example, if a Netbiter is connected to a PLC, then it is possible to remotely debug or program the PLC from any location, using the same PLC configuration software as usual. Read more about Remote Access here  

How it works
The eWON Netbiter EC310 gateway connects to your equipment using a serial, Ethernet or I / O connection.
As soon as the Netbiter gateway is connected, a connection is automatically made via the internet with the cloud-based Netbiter Argos data center.
This means that you only have to physically connect the gateway, the configuration can be done remotely from the Argos website.


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