Anybus X-Gateway Modbus-TCP Profibus DVP1 AB9001

Anybus X-gateway Modbus-TCP master Profibus DPV1 slave. Integrate your Modbus / TCP network quickly and easily with Profibus.
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Anybus X-gateway - Modbus-TCP Master / Client
You can use this to quickly and easily integrate a Modbus TCP network into another network without the need for programming knowledge.

Fast and powerful network of translators
The X gateway acts as a translator between a Modbus TCP network and the other industrial network. The primary focus is the rapid transfer of cyclic I / O data between Modbus TCP and the other selected network (approx. 5ms). With the Modbus-TCP Master / Client functionality, the X-gateway eliminates the need for another Modbus-TCP PLC client / master on the Modbus-TCP side and thus helps reduce infrastructure costs.

Modbus TCP master / client functionality

On the Modbus-TCP side of the Anybus X-gateway, a maximum data size of 256 byte input and 256 byte output is supported, including Control and Status words. Up to 64 Modbus servers and up to 64 different input / output transactions can be configured in the X-gateway.

Fieldbus / Ethernet Slave functionality
On the fieldbus / ethernet upload side of the X-gateway, it appears as a standard I / O module and is configured with a standard device file (GSD / EDS) via the PLC engineering tool.

Simple visual web-based configuration - No programming required
Configuration is handled through a web interface that is accessible by simply connecting to a computer port via a standard Ethernet cable. No programming skills are required, which means that the network and devices are up and running quickly.

Dual port Ethernet switch technology
On the Modbus TCP side, the x-gateway is equipped with an integrated 2-port switch on Ethernet, so that Ethernet installations can be placed in the bus or line topology without the need for external switches. As a result, system integrators benefit from considerably reduced installation and maintenance costs.

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